Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1-09 - The City of Illusion

09 - The City of Illusion

Dear Homo Sapiens of Earth:

In a dream from which he awoke this morning, he was walking in a flat and vast desert towards a volcano to the south. As he reached the north foot of the volcano, he came upon the ruins of an ancient city.

It was square shaped, set to the four points of the compass, with high external walls over ten feet thick and a mile long per side. I entered through its north gate, the one facing away from the volcano. While passing beneath the huge archway, I looked up, and saw the name of the city, carved in stone: THE CITY OF TRUTH.

Within the city, the avenues were all east-west in orientation. The blocks were of odd lengths, ranging from as few as one house to more than ten houses per block. There were no straight north-south streets to speak of. Unlike the conventional back-to-back twin-rows of houses in the normal city block, these blocks comprised single rows of houses, with their fronts facing the volcano.

The houses were built of precisely cut and fitted blocks of stone, so the ruins were in excellent condition. The walls of the houses bore carvings of verses which were well preserved, such as:
- "Animals were created for only one reason - for the use of humans as they see fit."
- "Humans are created for only one purpose - to go to Heaven."
- "Animals have no souls."
- "Animals have no rights."
- "Humans are not animals."
- "The Universe, thus the Earth and everything on it, were created in six days some four thousand years ago, and animals and humans were created only one day apart."
- "The animals include the dinosaurs, which once co-existed with the humans."
- "It is perfectly acceptable for humans to drive species to extinction; the creator can always create more."
- "It is perfectly acceptable for humans to trash the Earth, since the Creator can easily put it right, or else create another Earth."
- "Humans were created in the image of the Creator; therefore they are the be all and end all of creation.
Etc, etc.

Of special interest was the oft repeated: "Thou shalt not climb the Mountain of Illusion. The penalty is death of the body by fire, and eternal damnation of the soul."

Thus he paced the ruins, like a tiger in a cage, while his desire to climb the volcano grew ever stronger as the days crept excruciatingly by.

Finally, one day, with drying sweat and heaving breath, he found himself on the summit of the volcano, there to look down upon the city on the plain.

The scenery being breath-taking notwithstanding, the ruins began to reveal itself to him in the form of an open page, with every house a letter and every block a word. And the City of Truth read:

"Beware of the writings on the wall. The Universe is over 13 billion years old, and the Earth over 4 billion. The animals have existed in various forms for over a billion years BEFORE the first emergence of humans on Earth from the apes; they exist for their own sake. The humans are just a new branch out of the millions of branches in the evolutionary Tree of Life. They belong to the Animal Kingdom. If they have souls, then so do other animals. For the human purpose and destiny, see the OMNISCIENTIFIC COSMOLOGY. May the Tao with with you!"

I am Raminothna,
the Fortunate and Called Upon,
at your service.

Anthony Marr, Founder and President
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC)

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